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Our Boys 2 Men, VA outreach program in Newport News have connected many male mentors with male youth in need of positive role models.

Abu Unity Foundation

The reason

The crime rate is growing in Virginia and several communities are becoming more dangerous to live in. After the loss of her fiancé (Quincy “Abu the Butcher” Jones), independent hip hop recording artist Abys, birth name LaTonya Denson, felt it was time for Virginia's local entertainment scene to create more events that promote unity, non-violence and provide alternative outlets to the gang and drug influences that affect inner city youth daily. Made possible with the assistance of Mastermind Entertainment and Hood Platinum Media Group, the 1st annual Abu Unity Festival was launched in September 2006 (Daily Press newspaper article by Sam McDonald attached). The Festival provides FREE food, activities/ contests, and live performances for attendees.
The Abu Festival’s committee uses the Arts as its tool to help relay the "Stop the Violence" message throughout the event. By using hip-hop, R&B, dance, sports, modeling and comedy the Festival is designed to unite Virginia communities, increase the awareness of crime by incorporating important messages during and between performances, and decrease the number of active gangs by showing that through the Arts youth can creatively express themselves while gaining the confidence and skills needed to run an independent business effectively. This year will mark another anniversary signifying the success of the Abu Unity Festival. During this time we’ve had volunteers ranging from radio stations such as 103 Jamz and Hot 91.1 which are based out of Virginia and South Carolina’s Shekeese the Beast from Hot 103.9, as well as several entertainers from Virginia, DC, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and New York.

Change Begins with You!

mission & vision

To inspire creativity and success through the use of performing arts.  Help our youth use creative expression as a positive outlet.


More and more people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of Youth & Teens. Find out how to become our partner.

Why Abu?

Quincy "Abu the Butcher" Jones was a well-known and respected hip-hop artist and late member of the Newport News based rap group BorNaturals. His name is a combination of the Arabic word ABU, meaning father and his grandmother’s last name BUTCHER, which later became an identifier of his lyrical sharpness on the microphone. Being a part of the rap group Bornaturals,made it possible for Abu to touch the lives of many since their music and movement inspired many up and coming artists and residents throughout the Hampton Roads area to pursue their hip hop dreams on an independent-business level. A kindhearted individual, Abu did all he could to assist the people, especially the children in his community. Any fundraisers or non-profit events that needed entertainers Abu was always willing to volunteer and always had an inspirational song that opened the minds and hearts of many. Regrettably, Abu became an innocent victim to murder while waiting for a cab on December 16, 2003 in Newport News, Virginia's Southeast community (where he resided since his birth). To this day, Abu's murder still remains unsolved, which too often is the case in many urban areas throughout the nation. His death opened the eyes of his then fiancé, Abys and motivated her to do something to bring attention to the crime that infests the community that she and Abu chose to live and raise their daughter. This awakening gave birth to the Abu Unity Festival and since its launch, the Festival has catapulted VA's Stop the Violence movement.