Our foundation is a success due to the selfless volunteers who contribute their time and positive energy along with generous donations/ sponsorship from small businesses and creative expression advocates who believe in our vision.  


Abu Unity Foundation


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To promote healing and power building through collaboration, the use of art as therapy, and civic participation training.

Our Mission

Education 2 Action Summer Bootcamp!

Every 2ndand 4th Wednesday WE ARE :

We're currently working with Ketchmore Kids, Inc, SANITY 2.0, Kraven Kharacters Events, and the City of Hampton to deliver the WE ARE mentor program.  

For more than 13 years, Abu Unity Foundation has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the shy, withdrawn and misguided Youth / Teens of our Virginia based family. Find out how you can contribute to the positive development of a Young talented future leader in need of encouragement, guidance, and inspiration through donations towards our Youth / Teen focused events & workshops through the use of money and/ or time. 

Working to Empower:  Arts, ReThink, Economics


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